Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet Dreams are Made of These

The universe has had me at a break-neck pace for a few years now. I won't go in to all of the details (most of you already know) but let's just agree I needed time to take a step back and catch my breath.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Boombastick gifted me with Season 1 of Criminal Minds. I don't think he understands that when I said, "wow, thanks!" I meant, "OMG, this is freakin' awesome. Now go away. I'm gonna need some alone time." I really can't help getting all hot-n-bothered over that gorgeous, funny, gun carryin', blacked out SUV drivin' Agent Morgan.

I spent an entire Sunday reclined (getting up only for more Captain Crunch) with the very handsome, dark, sculpted F.B.I agent

I guess we did dodge a bunch of bullets and go running at least twice an episode, but imaginary exercise never counts.

Ordinarily, days in which I do not leave my house make me feel guilty and like I'm unwittingly suffering from borderline personality disorder. But when I have a goal.....say of watching an entire first season, it's not wasted. It's a study in behavioral analysis, damn it. And it's clearly what the baby Jesus meant for his day of rest.

You know, except for the dirty thoughts of Shemar Moore.