Monday, November 22, 2010

Hinder - Lips of an Angel

I realize that this song was played to it's death a few years back. Every time you turned on the radio there it was again and again. I honestly had let this tune fall way back into the caverns of my mind. Last night I heard it and it brought back so many memories. This song always makes me think of a certain someone. Honestly, lately it doesn't take much to bring up a memory of him.

P.S. Anyone else wanna hold this dude down and wash his hair?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sharks and Ninja Turtles

I would like to take a moment and share with you what I believe is one of the most awesome conversations I have ever been a part of. Keep in mind The Redheaded Wonder is 4 years old. She calls me Mimi.

Redheaded Wonder: Ok, so it lives in the zoo. It stands on one leg (she draws her leg up as if she were only standing on one, she’s sitting) and it’s pink.

Me: Umm a Ninja Turtle (I’ve had an odd fascination with the Ninja Turtles lately).

RW: Giving me a look like I had just asked her to recite Pi. Umm no. Mom your turn.

This wonderful game continues for awhile with me of course saying all the wrong answers.

RW: Okay Mimi, I’m going to give you an easy one. It lives in the zoo (apparently everything lives in the zoo). It‘s white and has black stripes.

Me: Ummm a rhinoceros.

RW: No Mimi. It starts with a ZZZZZ sound.

Me: Hmmm…..OHH I know a Znake.

RW: Mimi, you should really go back to school.

Me: Okay, I am going to give you one. It lives in the sewer….

RW: before I can even finish my sentence she throws her hands in the air and says….. A SHARK!!!!!!

Me: YES!!!!!!

I am a great educational resource. Ya know, I was going for a Ninja Turtle but she said shark with so much enthusiasm that it couldn’t have been anything else.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lady Antebellum - Biscuits and Gravy

So this is not an ACTUAL song but its a spoof done by Lady A. I ran across it last night and could NOT stop laughing. Any song that talks about Waffle House hashbrowns has my vote. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Yesterday I decided to broaden my horizons. I wanted to become more culturally diverse by watching a movie that would enlighten me and also make me have deep thoughts regarding my place in this world and bringing me closer to being the person I wanted to be. I sat back and popped Toy Story 3 into the DVD player.

I usually don't watch previews but while looking for the remote I heard this song playing and immediately had to stop to look at the preview. The preview was for the movie Tangled. I think it's something like Rapunzel or something but holy crap there is an animated children's movie with a Pink song!

I had actually forgotten how much I love love love this song. Considering that I have four different people in my life that call me Trouble on a regular basis, maybe I should make this my theme song. Everyone should have their own theme song, right?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dove Chocolate Gnomes

I have had a rough few weeks. Work drama, friend drama, adventures in online dating (oh yes I did and oh holy crap do I have stories to tell) and the fact that turning 30 is really bugging me; lead me down a rough aisle today. The aisle in Walmart with Dove Chocolate Promises.

When you first approach its like sunshine and rainbows. Suddenly, you hear voices. Sweet, beautiful, cherub voices calling your name. You pick up a bag of the sweet treats. You think it over and realize it's not such a good idea for your waistline. You try to put the bag back. Everything goes black. You wake up in your car with TWO bags. The demonized Dove Chocolate Gnomes strike again! What? Don't believe me? Look it up. I think they live next door to the Underpants Gnomes (give it up for a South Park reference).

When I got home I decided I would limit myself to two of the delicious dark chocolate pieces of heaven. On my fourth one....hey, they are dark chocolate so they are good for my heart, liver or pancreas or something. ANYWAY, on my fourth one I totally had a "the calls are coming from inside the house" moment.

"Learn to say I love you in a different language"

Dude, it was like Gandhi had spoken directly to me. Well, you know if Gandhi was covered in foil and tiny little flakes of chocolate that I lick off. Okay, so maybe its not Gandhi but holy cow!

I can't say 'I love you' in English!! Yes, I say it to my nieces and nephews but that's it! It feels awkward to me. Also, as a side note it's awkward to BE me, but I digress.

I said it in my last relationship but honestly I felt icky and like I needed a shower after I said it. Did I mean it? No. Did I want to mean it? Umm kinda. I don't know.

I say it in emails to friends ( I do mean it). Just saying those words O-to-the-M-to-the-G, I need a vomit bag.

Think the Dove Chocolate Gnomes teach a class on saying 'I love you'?

P.S. This rambling post is brought to you by Decadron and the letters S and H for Sinus Hell.