Sunday, November 7, 2010


Yesterday I decided to broaden my horizons. I wanted to become more culturally diverse by watching a movie that would enlighten me and also make me have deep thoughts regarding my place in this world and bringing me closer to being the person I wanted to be. I sat back and popped Toy Story 3 into the DVD player.

I usually don't watch previews but while looking for the remote I heard this song playing and immediately had to stop to look at the preview. The preview was for the movie Tangled. I think it's something like Rapunzel or something but holy crap there is an animated children's movie with a Pink song!

I had actually forgotten how much I love love love this song. Considering that I have four different people in my life that call me Trouble on a regular basis, maybe I should make this my theme song. Everyone should have their own theme song, right?

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