Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

Love. Children. Cancer. Sunburn that hurts like a mofo. Finances. Death. The future. Wondering how some people can live with themselves with the lies they tell and the way they act. Who are my REAL friends? Buffalo chicken pizza tastes like shit. Curious how long it will be before she crashes and burns. She told me she had sex but was it with a man or a woman? When am I going to be able to go back to the gym? Will he ever tell the truth? How can he think of something like that when his wife is dying of cancer? Does she realize that she only thinks of herself and her children? What is going to happen when he dies? What do people really think of me? Is Billy Mays the new pitch man for heaven or hell? Am I going to be able to sleep tonight? I am pretty sure the promises she made are lies.

1 comment:

  1. wow...random it is... I hope you consider me a real friend... I am here if you need me... I am also wondering if I am ever going back to the gym... and the MRI today... What if there is a bomb in there???