Thursday, January 14, 2010

Detached Balls and Bikini Waxes

It feels like my world has been turned upside down, shook like a snow globe then peed on by a Great Dane. There have been so many things happen lately. I should have enough posts for a year! Today though, I guess I will just start with the latest.

A few nights ago, when all the bra colors were going around on facebook, things came to a crashing halt in my life. Three words on his FB comments and not the three you want to hear. “ You’re his wife….”. Those words hung like a raging storm cloud in front of me. His wife!

The man who for months now had told me how much he loved me. Had led me back to where I knew I didn’t belong. Led me to feeling love for him all over again. Told me all of the things he knew I would want to hear. We talked about of marriage, children, buying a home. A home that HE said he wanted my father to even be happy with so that he could live with us if he became too sick to live alone.

This man made an idiot out of me. I never, for this exact reason, talk about the men that I date. I don’t want to be THAT girl. The girl who finds out all the hopes she placed in a man are nothing but lies.

It stung. It was like getting a brazillian wax with duct tape.

This man, he knows me. He has been in my life for almost four years. So….To You, "J", you know I will make you have to face me. You know that I am not the type of girl who will just sit back with a box of Kleenex and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. As I write this I’m not only putting it in my blog, but I’ve got wifeys e-mail. She will be getting a copy of this and all of the texts and e-mails between you and I. I am sure the past few weeks of being married to you are about to take an interesting turn for her.

Run and hide mofo. Run and hide. Oh, and here’s hoping that you and your balls stay attached to one another because I really don’t see that happening.

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