Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scuba Suits and Easy Cheese

I had lunch with some lovely ladies a few weeks ago. When we get together it's like a circus of words and it's amazing! The gift of gab, we have it. The conversation can go from church to trannys in a split second.

This particular day, the one subject I remember the most is "freak flags". While we didn't talk about our personal flags (I choose to believe we aren't freaks) we did talk about others that we knew.

Let's face it most people have a hidden freak. Some people enjoy having their hair pulled, role playing, weird positions or "golden showers" (YUCK). Whatever your freak flag is, let it fly! Just don't pull that shit without warning. Nobody wants to be surprised by easy cheese in their cha cha.


  1. omg... for the love not without warning... some of us are Lily White! hehe

  2. I like the title. What I forgot to mention in that particular case was that the scuba-suited man in question also died with a "marital aid" in his... er... ya' know.