Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It has been so long since I have written anything "real". Things in my life are about as normal as can be expected for a crazy person, LOL.

I am still as single as the Pope. I still have a man in my life that I would like to be over, but can't. He texts me late at night when he's alone and there is no one better to talk to. I am fairly sure I mean nothing to him, but yet my heart keeps holding on.

I still have a man in my life that I wish I had feelings for, but don't. He texts me during the day and before I fall asleep at night. He is so sweet and I am sure he would treat me like gold, but I still don't have those feelings for him. My inner masochist is a real bitch.

I feel like Goldilocks looking for a man that is "just right" when in fact the chances are higher that I will be eaten by a pack of bears.

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