Sunday, November 8, 2009

Girl vs. Woman

~I am a girl who plays my music really loud and dances in the car.

~I am a woman who loves to bake.

~I am a girl who dyes Easter eggs then leaves them on my best friend's doorstep and then blames it on the Easter bunny.

~I am a woman who is learning to crochet.

~I am a girl who plays with the makeup in Sephora till I look like a hooker.

~I am a woman who loves her friends and family with all of my heart.

~I am a girl who bites my nails and twists strands of my hair when I am nervous.

~I am a woman who loves to relax with a good book and a bubble bath.

~I am a girl who paints my nails weird colors just because.

~I am a woman who has way to many pairs of shoes.

~I am a girl who has a Nintendo DS and a Wii and loves them.

~I am a woman who doesn't slow down until way after the sun has gone down and everyone else is asleep.

~I am a girl who collects children's books.

~I am a woman who loves art and classical music.

~I am a girl who loves practical jokes.

~I am a woman who never wants to become so grown up that I forget to be a girl sometimes.

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