Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pull My Finger

As "He Who Has No Name" and I were sitting on my couch.....BTW I always want to spell couch as coach and if I were posting about sitting on my "coach" this would be a totally different site. Tangent end. So we are sitting on my COUCH when he says, "Hey look".

Now I have known this man for about 11 years so my first thought was 'No I will not pull your finger'.

When I look over he is holding his phone up with a picture on it. At first glance I didn't realize who it was. Melissa Etheridge? Chaz Bono? Ellen Degeneres? Ryan Seacrest? Oh, wait that's Rickey Martin. Then I read the title of the article Ricky Martin Announces To Internet He is Gay! Umm....Yahoo! say what?

Seriously, I thought we had established this at least five years ago. It was like if Richard Simmons had hosted a press conference to announce he was coming out of his glittery, spandex filled closet. Or Salt Lake City suddenly announcing there are polygamist living within their kinky borders. Somethings just don't have to be said...again.

1 comment:

  1. i don't think he would do something that dumb i think he might like you to much to do that. unless he is 12years old?