Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tampons and Oreos

There is about to be some serious girl talk, so fellas read on if you dare.

My tampons have inspirational messages written on their packaging. (And just like that 5 men stopped reading and lost their lunch). It's no secret to some of my friends how bad this bothers me. When I open a new tampon I sometimes send out "Tampon Quote of the Day" text messages. They all have these nifty, sporty quotes. (duh they're sport tampons. I'm not sporty but a bargain is a bargain. And isn't competitive Cheeto eating a sport?) Things like, "Go for the goal", "Keep doing what you do best", and my personal favorite "Get out there and show 'emm what you got" . What I got is my period! I'm not showing that!

If real women were writing these I believe they would say things like "Put down the jar of Nutella and the taser", "The crying will stop soon" and "Lorena Bobbit didn't get away with it".

Until they let me start writing the quotes I will be over here fondling oreos.

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  1. Hilarious... We are need to remember Lorena didn't get away with it!!!