Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Safety Precautions

Every year at this time I like to give a few Halloween safety tips. I feel like it is my duty to make this public service announcement so that I can hopefully help as many children as possible.

1.) Wear all black clothes. It makes hiding in the bushes and amongst trees easier. It will help when shaking down other children for their candy.

2.) Carry an extra bag full of raw eggs. When someone gives you crappy candy aim for their door. Also, if you can leave a few hidden close to their door it will make for a nice surprise in a few days.

3.) Take a few extra costumes. Hit every house at least twice.

4.) If trunk or treating, look for cars with keys in the ignition. Sneak inside car and drive away. You, my friend, have bagged yourself the ultimate treat.

5.) Always make sure that your costume is made of flame retardant material. To test this put your costume on your younger brother or sister and light it up. If it goes up in flames that just means more candy for you and a new costume.

Happy Halloween!

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