Sunday, February 6, 2011

Curve Balls and Catfish

A few nights ago while having dinner with The Secret Society (we are such a fabulous group of ladies we have to keep our meetings secret or else we may be hounded by the paparazzi), I turned around and saw TRC walk through the door. (I would have preferred the paparazzi). I believe my heart literally stopped beating for about a minute. I think the catfish I had just eaten had to swim up and give my heart a jump start. He and I had agreed on this whole “we can be friends” thing but never once did I think about what it would be like to run into him in public.

Should I pretend not to have seen him? Should I act like he doesn’t exist? Well, about ten seconds in to those thoughts my fingers did the thinking for me. Texting is dangerous when your brain has no control.

Me: Hey, I see you.
TRC: Ha. Ha. Ha. Whatever
Me: Well, let’s see. Red Alabama shirt, blue jeans and phone on your hip like you like it.
TRC: Where are you?
Me: Opposite side of restaurant, near bar.

The conversation ended for several minutes. My thoughts turned back to times when he wouldn’t meet my friends. Times when I was just his “friend with benefits”. Hmm…maybe we aren’t really friends after all.


TRC: If I come over will I ruin your image? LOL

Ummmm….WHAT? Come over? To the table? To the table where I am sitting with my friends!? Umm can you say CURVE BALL?

Me: Sure! Come on over.

As he walks to the table my heart stops again. That fish is really getting his workout tonight.

TRC: Hey. What’s up?
Me: Just hangin’out. Have a seat. Patting the seat next to me trying to act oh so non-chalant.

I introduce him to my friends, Thing 1 and Thing 2. We all make polite conversation and try to pretend that this is not the most awkward moment in the history of the world. Then, as if it weren’t awkward enough..

TRC: So I’m sure you guys have read about me in her blog.

Insert the most awkward of silences EVER!

TRC: I apologize for all that went on and she and I have talked about it and I believe we are okay. We are okay right?
Me: Finding a hard time finding the words to even say anything. Umm…yeah. We are good.

He apologized to my friends! WHAT THE HELL? As if this situation could not have gotten any more awkward HE APOLOGIZED TO MY FRIENDS.


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