Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mr. Potato Head: The New Generation

Get ready ladies, tonight I have had an epiphany. Tonight I have came up with the best invention EVER. Something that will change the dating scene FOREVER. Build-a-beau.com. (Company name by SAHMx2, cause she totally rocks the juice box).

Tonight while eating pizza and chit chatting I looked up to see SAHMx2's daughter playing a game on the computer. You start out with a blank face and then you get to click and add all of the facial features however you like them. That is when the epiphany hit.

Can you imagine just being able to log on, start with a blank slate and then after a few clicks TADA? Want a man with blue eyes? Click. Want a man with a killer personality but isn't an actual serial killer? Click. Click. Want a man with a big...nose? Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. The possibilities are endless!!

When you are all finished just click print and TADA. He is brand new. Untouched. No baggage. Still has that new man smell!!! Can I get an AMEN??? (and a small business loan)

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