Sunday, July 26, 2009

I secretly love:
1.) Buying trashy magazines and reading celebrity gossip.
2.) Getting up early on Saturday mornings and reading while I lay on the couch.
3.) Letting people think I am ditzy. (It's pretty funny when they realize I'm not.)
4.) Secrets
5.) Driving
6.) Making lists
7.) Taking things apart just to see how they work.
8.) Being needed.
9.) Washing clothes (I just don't like folding them and putting them away.)
10.) Decorating

I secretly hate:
1.) Putting on make-up
2.) Always being able to stay in touch with people by cell phone.
3.) Having my face touched.
4.) Being in large groups of people even if I know everyone.
5.) Buying clothes
6.) Britney Spears
7.) The thought of giving birth.
8.) Making small talk.
9.) Cooking
10.) Valentine's Day

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